How do I download my files?

There are 2 ways to get your files.  

When you first purchase the file, a window will pop up with a download button.  Click the button and save the file to your computer.

The BEST way to get your files is to go to your e-mail and click on the download links for each file.


What if I am on my phone, will I be able to download once I get to my computer?

YES- you can use the download links from your phone as well as from the computer.  Make sure you SAVE your e-mail so you can reference those again if needed. Some files may not have the ability to be downloaded from your phone based on the file type support of your device.


Why is my link to download NOT working?

You may have purchased the design a long time ago and the link is not working.  Please check the Terms of Service page for more information regarding our Retention Policy.


I did not get an e-mail with download links, why? How do I get that?

Sometimes your e-mail address does NOT get saved with your order. You may send us a message and we can check your order and add your e-mail address.  For more information on how to contact us, see the CONTACT US page.


How do I open downloaded .zip files?

Any bundle or images that have multiple files will be delivered as zip file that will first need to be uncompressed.  For more information, see this short video that helps explain how to uncompress a zip file.